Natural Garnet Diamond Mala Necklace


Natural Garnet Diamond Mala Necklace

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This stunning Necklace features 122, 6mm Grade AAA Natural Garnet Gemstones (untreated). It is hand-knotted on black silk cord with sterling silver diamond pave accent beads/roundels as well as a sterling silver Diamond Pave Clasp measuring 37″. The design is very understated and pairs well with casual or elegant wear.

NOTE: In ancient history, travelers wore garnet gemstones because they were believed to light up the night and provide protection from nightmares and accidents.

Garnets were used in burial jewelry and carved signet rings to proclaim royalty during the Bronze Age (300 BC). Garnets were one of the most popular gemstones of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, as revealed in the stunning jewelry and sword fittings in the Staffordshire Hoard, because they believed the blood-red stone improved their fighting prowess.

In the middle ages, garnet was commonly believed to guard against poison. Royals would often drop a garnet gemstone into a glass of wine to ensure they were not poisoned to death. Garnets were also worn by the crusaders as an aid to safely find their way home. Eastern European folktales speak of garnets being worn around the neck to guard against night-wandering vampires. And in Victorian times, the gem was used in engagement rings and other women’s jewelry, to mark fidelity in love.


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